Maid Visa

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Maid Visa (New & Renewal)

Maid Visa can be obtained by a residence visa holder who is living with family in Dubai. If more than one maid visa is required, then the sponsor should have minimum a 3 BHK apartment or villa under the tenancy contract.

FastPRO offers maid visa processing and renewal services. We take care of maid visa application process, document collection, medical test, vaccination, Emirates ID processing and delivery after visa stamping.

Have you hired a new housemaid and need to apply for a housemaid visa? Download our app and raise a request – our FastPRO professionals will be at your doorstep to collect all documents and do the visa processing for you. FastPRO also offers pick and drop services for your maid’s medical process. Just download our app and select new maid visa or maid visa renewal to view the documents required and pricing.

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Documents Required:

For New Maid Visa:

For Maid Visa Renewal:

Pricing and visa application process changes if the maid is currently inside or outside country. Download FastPRO app now to view pricing and create a visa request, we will take care of the rest!