Family Visa

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Family Visa (New & Renewal)

If you want to apply for family visa or residence visa for your family under your sponsorship in Dubai, the application process and fees changes based on various factors such as relationship (Wife, Husband, Kids, Parents etc.) as well as age or gender (For example, the application process and fee is different for son above 18 years than son under 18 years).

We at FastPRO can take care of your family visa processing and renewal requirements which includes visa application processing, document collection, medical test arrangement, Emirates ID processing and delivery of passports to your location after visa stamping.

Download our app and raise a request – our FastPRO professionals will be at your doorstep to collect all documents and do the visa processing for you. Just download our app and select the visa type, relationship (wife/husband/parents/kids) and the corresponding age or gender details for your kids to view the documents required and pricing. In general, below are the documents required:

Documents Required:

Pricing and visa application process varies based on various factors such as applicant’s relationship to sponsor, whether the applicant is currently inside or outside the country, age, gender, medical package etc. Download FastPRO app now to view pricing and create a visa request, we will take care of the rest!